Friday, May 14, 2010

A God-Tale for God's young princesses

Once upon a time, there was a great and kind King who had one Son. Every day the King and His Son would walk down to the village to spend time among their people. The King loved all of His people, but He especially loved the little flower girl.

The little flower girl would go out into the fields every morning to pick flowers to sell in the market. As long as she stayed on the King's land, she was safe. Every day the King would stop by her cart and buy all of her flowers and give her a generous tip. The flower girl only had one thin dress and usually had smudges of dirt on her cheeks, but the King always treated her like she was royalty. After buying the flowers, He would bow with a great flourish and kiss her hand.

The King's people loved Him, but the magician who lived in the forest hated the King and all who were loved by Him. The magician knew that the King especially loved the little flower girl and so one day he plotted to trick her into slavery. Next to the field where she picked flowers, the magician made what looked like a beautiful rose bush. When the little girl was picking flowers the next morning, she saw the rose bush and stepped outside of the King's field to pick one to sell. When she got to the rose bush and reached to pick one of the flowers, the roses turned into thorns and ensnared the girl's sleeve. The magician strolled out and put her in chains claiming she would now be his slave.

Later that day when the King went to visit the girl's flower cart, she was not there and there were no flowers in sight. The King and His Son ran to the field, They saw the thorny bush and knew that the magician was behind it. They travelled quickly to the magician's shack. The magician stood in the doorway behind the little flower girl.

The King commanded, "Let her go!"

The magician replied "She is my slave now King, and there is nothing you can do."

The King's Son said, "I will trade my life for the flower girl's."

The magician cackled and said, "It's a deal!" He released the little flower girl and the King's Son stepped to her place and was then chained as the girl had been.

As they turned to leave, the flower girl looked back at the King's Son and He smiled and winked at her. On the trip back to His land, the King explained that the magician would only be able to hold His Son for three days because He had made a selfless sacrifice.

The King didn't stop in the village, but instead took the flower girl to His castle. He turned to her and said, "My Son has paid your ransom. I would like to adopt you and you will live in the palace with Me. You are now the daughter of the King, and that makes you a Princess! The King gave the flower girl a royal robe and a crown.

The King's Son arrived at the palace three days later, just as the King had said. There was much rejoicing and all of the villagers were invited to celebrate the return of the King's Son and the adoption of the flower girl. And though the magician still liked to try to cause trouble, the flower girl lived happily ever after as the Daughter of the King.

The End

This is not a fairytale, rather it is a God-tale. You may ask the name of the little flower girl. The answer is you. Perhaps you do not sell flowers in the market and you don't live in a palace yet. But God, your Heavenly Father did sacrifice His Son Jesus to pay your ransom from sin.

There are four main differences between a God-tale and a fairytale:

In a God-tale, you don't need a fairy godmother because you have a Heavenly God Father

In a God-tale, you don't need to wish upon a star because you have the promises of the Star Breather

In a God-tale, you don't have to kiss frogs because the Father has promised you a Prince

In a God-tale, you don't have to be rescued by a prince because you have already been rescued by the Prince of Peace


  1. WOW!!!! This is great!!! Did you make the story up yourself? If I had the time and the energy I might be tempted to scraplift. It is sooooo nice to see a Godly crafter.


  2. This story really comes in the right moment to me (I know you post it on May 14th, but God send me here today) and I think it is for a reason... Thank you for sharing this...